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5 Common Misconceptions about Accounting You Must Know

Accounting is one of those professions that a lot of people don’t fully understand because most people will never need to hire one. It’s if you start a business and find yourself a bit overwhelmed about tax returns and bookkeeping, that you might wonder whether it’s finally time to hire an accountant. All things considered; accounting is a phenomenal career path. Accountants generally enjoy great pay, competitive benefits, and rock-solid job stability—even when the economy takes a turn for the worse. Research by an assignment writing service shows that the job market will create over 452,000 new positions for accountants and auditors by the year 2020. But, for all its good points, accounting has one major problem: a bad public image. Movies and television shows often portray accountants as fastidious introverts obsessed with numbers. Many people don’t pursue a career in accounting because they’re afraid they’ll die from the monotony of crunching numbers all day. In reality, these myth