Analysis Tools that Are Necessary for Finance Dissertation

Finance Dissertation
Businesses students write their dissertations on the topic of finance. Writing a finance dissertation is not a child’s play. You have to play with thousands of entries of data. To interpret your results effectively, you have to analyse them. But the question is, how will you analyse them? You can’t do it with a hand as the entries are too many. Yes! You will use some sort of tools for the analysis of the data. When it comes to tools, students always have some questions in mind. What’s the difference between so many available tools? Which one is better?

If you are also looking for an answer to such questions, don’t go anywhere. This article will discuss the analysis tools necessary for a finance dissertation.

Analysis Tools

The use of analysis tools depends very much on the study’s goals. Everyone can use the tool which suits him the best. I have a list of the five best analysis tools for your finance dissertation. The description of those tools is as follows;


Microsoft Excel is on top of the list due to its global use for analysis. The use of Excel is not only limited to financial analysis. The researchers use this software for almost every kind of analysis. It has a variety of powerful features, such as the creation of tables and charts. The system and features of Excel are so large that no other tool can surpass it. It ensures that the researchers can analyse the finances according to their needs.

But some researchers believe that Excel can’t handle big data. Think about it; is the data that researchers use in their finance dissertation big data? Your answer will be no. This “NO” of yours has the answer to the question “Why excel is the most famous analysis tool?” Therefore, based on its extensive scale of users, it is the best analysis tool for your finance dissertation.


Tableau is the next tool in the list of analysis tools. The core of the tableau lies in its functions of generating PivotTable and PivotChart. The tableau is at the second number because it knows about this feature of Excel. Tableau entered the Business Intelligence (BI) earlier and took its core values further. If you look at the aesthetics and visuals of the tableau, it’s better than Excel. But aesthetics should not be the only criteria to rate the analysis tools for your finance dissertations. The criteria for selecting an analysis tool should be based on its features and functions. The functions of the tableau are not that much worse.

Like most other tools, tableau also invests a lot in propaganda. They advertise that they invest a lot of energy researching people’s needs. But it’s just propaganda. The tableau is a good analysis tool for your finance dissertation, but not the best. Therefore, I rated it under Excel.

Power BI

The next analysis tool necessary for your finance dissertation is Power BI. The advantages of the Power BI tool lies in its business-friendly models. It also has the capabilities of data analysis. Previously, Power BI was a plugin for Excel and its development as a separate tool was not ideal. Recently, it got of Excel and developed as a BI tool. But there were many tools already available in the market before BI. This is the reason why BI introduces updates every month and catches up with the market very fast.

R & Python

R & Python comes at 4th place in the necessary tools for your finance dissertation. The analysis tools like Excel and BI cater to all the needs of the professionals. But if you need customised features that are not available in Excel, you can use R studio. It is only for the professionals who know how to program the particular feature. Data scientists who deal with specific data and need customised features can use these tools.


Stata is a general-purpose statistical software. It generates very attractive analysis reports and makes charts too. Stata is a multipurpose analysis tool. It can be used in sociology, epidemiology, and psychology. The finance researchers use this to run analyses on financial data.


The analysis tools mentioned above are the very basic tools to analyse your finance dissertation. There are many other tools available online. As described earlier, you can choose any tool you want or the one that suits you the best.

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